August 22, 2006

A Challenge To The Mystic Traveller

The Mystic Traveller Caught In Action
Photography By El-Branden Brazil

A Japanese friend of mine wrote to me yesterday praising my recent photography in Egypt. He especially liked the portraits I had taken there. However, he lamented at how few images of Japanese people appear on my photography site in contrast.

It is very strange, but when I was building the SPIRIT site in Britain, I realised how few shots I had taken in Japan after living there for 9 years. I suppose I was not as motivated to photograph the place I lived, as much as the places I travelled to; which is crazy, because Japan is highly photogenic on many, many levels.

In response to my friend, I have taken up his challenge to improve the Japan section of my website. I intend to capture more images of modern Japan and its people. They will be posted on Mystic Japan.

*UPDATE: The mission has begun and I think I managed to get a few successful shots in Harajuku and Shibuya. This is but the start...

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