October 30, 2006

The Coconut Seller

Coconut Seller In Thiravanamalai, India
Photography By El-Branden Brazil

The above image is my favourite shot of all the photographs I have taken (so far). I adore the composition, with its lines, colour and subject. It just seems to meld miraculously.

Some of you may have seen this image before, but I have never discussed about the circumstances in which it was taken.

Whilst roaming the streets of the holy Indian city of Thiravanamalai in South India, I came across a married couple arguing furiously at each other. The lady was snapping violently at palm leaves with a big knife.

I was immediately drawn to her face, so I politely interrupted their conversation and pointed to my camera. Suddenly, the lady's demeanour changed entirely, and she posed in a manner that took away what was so interesting in the first place. The lighting was still lovely, but the mood had changed, and the resulting image shows this.

Her husband was not my priority target, but I decided that there was something worth taking. He posed rather solemnly, with a face that captured the frustration of the argument he was having with his wife. After I took his picture, which has become my most prized, the couple resumed their fierce spat with each other.

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