September 30, 2006

An Evening With The Turkish Ambassador

Right: El-Branden Brazil with the Turkish Ambassador to Japan.

Photography by Peter Fujiyama

Last night, I had the pleasure and honour of attending a party at the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo, arranged by Her Excellency, Ambassador Solmaz Unaydin.

We were continually supplied with Turkish wine, which was surprisingly good, as well as a delicious buffet of traditional Turkish dishes.

There was an unintentionally amusing moment in the evening, when a presentation about Turkey became a farce, due to failure of the powerpoint projector. A poor assistant to the ambassador was placed in the uncomfortable position of having to read out the driest of notes, reeling out statistics and figures that became nothing but noise, without visual aids.

Towards the end of the evening, a belly dancer entertained us. Madam Ambassador was quite a dancer herself, when she was called up by the performer.

I also managed to win a lovely Turkish china pot in a raffle. I had hoped to win the free airline tickets to Turkey! A very lucky woman went away with "my" prize. I did wonder that may be she would like a swap!!!

It was an extremely pleasant evening, and an honour to spend time with such fine company.

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