May 28, 2005

Walking Across The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge
Photography By El-Branden Brazil

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, is one of the great bridges of the world. For 1.7 miles, it spans the bay below, connecting the city with Sausilito.

Designed by Joseph Strauss, the bridge was completed in 1937. It took nearly ten years to construct, at a cost of $35 million, and retained the record for being the longest bridge for 27 years.

During its construction, many lives were lost. On February 17th, 1937, ten men fell to their death. Due to the numerous dangers in its construction, several innovative safety measures were invented, such as a net, which hung below. This saved 19 men from certain death.

The highest point of the bridge reaches 746 feet, whilst the Art Deco towers' foundations go 110 feet underwater. The colour of the bridge is actually International Orange, and is not golden at all. It acquired the name from San Francisco, which had been called the Golden Gate City.

A visit to San Francisco should include the Golden Gate Bridge. It is both an engineering marvel and an aesthetic wonder. If time permits, it is certainly worth crossing the bridge by foot, although it is not recommended that people suffering from acute vertigo do so. Crossing the bridge takes 45 minutes one way. Splendid views of San Francisco and the infamous prison, Alcatraz, can be seen from the bridge.

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