October 15, 2004

Premature Aging

Recently, while I have been riding around on my bicycle, it occured to me that I just did not seem to have the puff and strength that I once had. Going up hills seemed brutal and painful, and the knees responded in kind. I became depressed that perhaps I had now seen better days, and that I would never again be the marvel of modern science, I once was. With each spin of the pedals, I felt the very essence of life pouring out of me. The reality was all too apparent: I had become a 32 year old elderly man!

Then, it occured to me that may be my bicycle required some maintenance. I looked down at my tyres and discovered them to be almost flat. Each cycle of those flabby rubber rings, was like riding with square wheels. I then took a look at the chain, which I discovered was rusty and dry. With a little air from a pump, and a good spray of oil, I now feel like a new man. Perhaps, there are still a few more active years in these 'old' bones!

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