October 13, 2004

A Night Of Ethiopian Delights

The Ethiopian Ambassador For Tokyo
& El-Branden trying his hand at traditional dancing,
at last year's event.

Every year in October, Tokyo hosts a marvellous festival celebrating Ethiopian culture. The event is organised by the Ethiopian embassy, with my friend, Peter Fujiyama. Over the past four years, I have enjoyed these annual gatherings, where delicious, spicy foods are served, as well as opportunities to try out traditional dancing.

The Ethiopian ambassador mingles among the crowd, sharing pleasant conversations about his country and his life in Japan. He is a charming man and very approachable. I am always impressed that he remembers me.

The highlight of the evening, is watching the Ethiopian expats show up us foreign jigging interlopers, with their extraordinary dancing skills: Shifting shoulders up and down, jarring the neck back and forth, and swinging the hips rhythmically, they are a very impressive sight to behold.

After the event, I always proclaim a desire to visit Ethiopia, but this has yet to actually happen. I am certain that at some point, I will be walking the streets of Addis Ababa. However, in the meantime, I'll be enjoying myself again at the Ethiopian party, this Friday.

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