September 27, 2007


As you may know, I have a very strong connection with Burma (Myanmar). The events occurring in Burma are extremely disturbing. I recently attended a party at the Myanmar Embassy in Tokyo, and due to protocol, I was not able to say how I felt about the Myanmar government. I did my best, trust me.

Whilst I was there, I chatted with both the Ambassador and the First Secretary, who I exchanged business cards with. Yesterday, in response to the shocking violence being committed against monks, I had to respond directly to the First Secretary Soe Han:

I wrote:

Dear First Secretary Soe Han,

I had the pleasure of meeting you recently at an embassy party. We spoke for some time about my love for Myanmar and the future of tourism in your country.

I write to you today with a heavy heart, as it is impossible to ignore the events now occurring in Myanmar. The voice of the people is becoming louder with each day, and it is vital that they are listened to and that they are provided with a future of hope. My instinct tells me that you agree. For how much longer can intense suffering be served upon a people so very undeserving of such repression?

As I told you, like yourself, I am a Buddhist, and I find the violence now being perpetrated against our monk brothers to be an offense against the teachings we hold so dear. I beseech you to do everything in your power to bring dialogue between the protesters and the government, so that a peaceful conclusion can be reached between all parties. I understand that your powers are limited, and I hope that you understand my reasons for writing. I do so out of genuine love for your country and her very special people.

Kind regards,

El-Branden Brazil
My words will probably have little impact, but EVERYONE MUST SPEAK OUT! Please sign petitions and send letters to your government and world bodies, stating your stance against the Myanmar junta. AUNG SAN SUU KYI MUST BE RELEASED!!! DIALOGUE BETWEEN ALL PARTIES IS THE ONLY WAY!

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