March 13, 2007

A Return To Burma

Bagan Stupas Stained By The Setting Sun
Photography By El-Branden Brazil

After spending a week watching pirate DVDs of the latest cinema hits in Bangkok, finally my visa for Burma (Myanmar) has come through, and I will be able to return for my third trip there tomorrow. I cannot wait to get back into real travel, and to track down the friends I made on my last trip. I do hope that they are okay.

I plan to spend the first few days in wonderful Rangoon (Yangon), while I prepare for my journey up to Bagan. Armed with twenty rolls of professional Velvia film, I have a plan to focus my photography on the local village life in Nyuang U, if all goes well. I am sure that my friends there will help me make it possible. I am pleased with some of the shots from my previous trips to Burma, but I know I can do a lot better. This time, I know what I want.

I would like to update my blog regularly, as I travel the country. Unfortunately, access to the internet is limited at the present time, so I do not think it will be possible to do so. I will try my best, and I will keep a diary, which I will type up here, at a later date.

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