December 18, 2006

The Mystic Traveller Has Just Got Bigger!

As you may have noticed, the last few days have been somewhat lacking in new posts. This has been due to my efforts to build a more satisfactory website, with a few extra bells and whistles. You can gain a preview glimpse at

The main reason for this development was really out of dissatisfaction with the current showcasing of my photography. I think you will agree that the new presentation is far more professional looking. You can get a preview glimpse of one of my new photography pages here. Photography from other countries, as well as my artwork, will follow shortly.

The Mystic Traveller blog will remain unchanged, but will now be linked within the main site. I hope that you will enjoy the results and that, perhaps, you would be kind enough to link with my new website. I will be adding links to other sites shortly.

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