November 28, 2006

The Yin & The Yang

The ancient Chinese observed the existence of opposing forces within nature, and developed the concept of the Yin and the Yang.

The Yin, which is the black tear in the symbol, represents the receptive, feminine, dark and passive force. The Yang, on the other hand, represents the creative, masculine, bright and active force. However, whilst these forces my seem opposites, they are interdependent of each other; they cannot exist without their opposite.

Each also contains a seed of the other, as represented by the dots in the Yin-Yang symbol. Rather than being static, these forces are constantly shifting in ways in which they are perceived. In other words, they can become their opposite: Summer can become winter.

All Yin-Yang forces can also be subdivided into other Yin-Yang aspects. For example, hot and cold can be subdivided into warm and boiling, cool and icy.

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