March 13, 2006

A Clean Cut Mystic Traveller

Yesterday, quite spontaneously, I decided to remove my goatee beard. Once a year, perhaps out of boredom with the face that reflects back at me in the mirror, I find myself impulsively lifting a razor to the course hair protruding from my upper lip and chin. Everytime I do so, I am amazed at how youthful my beard's removal makes me.

Beneath is revealed a face that has a chin dimple to match that of John Travolta; although my chin is a weak, receding affair that gives me zero hope of ever being cast as Batman or Superman! My dear lost goatee has always been a veiled attempt to compensate for what is lacking below the pale, tanless skin.

The downside of removing facial hair is the preparation required to cope with the reactions from friends and colleagues. It is hard enough to adjust to the 'new' look, without the continual attention. I am always amazed at how so much verbiage can be generated by simply removing some whiskers. Then again, I remember how obsessed my entire class was at primary school when the deputy head teacher shaved off his ginger chin mullet.

Well, one day of facial baldness has passed and I am already considering growing the beard back; a process that takes about two weeks. I am sure that I could get used to being beardless, but I do feel so naked.

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