June 20, 2005

Beer Aplenty

Finally, the sun has managed to breach the perpetual overcast skies that have been present almost everyday in Britain, since I left Japan. Over the past two days, I have been staying in Devon, with my best friend from school and college, enjoying the hot weather.

Having only seen James five or six times over the last decade, it is great to spend time together and find that the friendship still remains strong. He invited me to the small village of Axminister, where he now resides with his very pregnant wife. The village had a large beer festival, so he thought that a whiff of the old ales might tempt me to his locale. Like all good friends, he judged me accurately.

On Saturday, we relaxed out in a field, chatting and quenching our unquenchable thirsts with the local ales provided. Beer and humidity do indeed make for such an excellent partnership!

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