February 25, 2005

Gink Gonk - The King Kong Parody

For some time, I have been parodying the exploits of Peter Jackson and his crew on the current project, King Kong, at the excellent fansite Kong Is It!

In the persona of a diabolically snobby character actor, called Sir Richard Karlson Ogilvy (aka RKO Classic), I have had an enormous amount of pleasure creating outlandish tales of on-set antics. This has now developed into a blog devoted to Sir Richard and his filmic adventures with Peter Jackson and the gang. So, if you feel inclined, why don't you pop over for a visit to Gink Gonk.

Due to other engagements, I have been unable to post regularly on the Mystic Traveller site. However, expect more posts to come this week, as well as more of my travel photography.

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