February 07, 2005

Edom - Kingdom Of David & Solomon Discovered

Some accounts mentioned in the Old Testament, have caused suspicion regarding the validity of the Bible's chronology. Many scholars have concluded that the Bible is nothing more than a fragmented mixture of documented events, folklore and theology, rather than an accurate historical record. However, recent discoveries proving the existence of the ancient kingdom of Edom, may change this view.

Edom was an aggressive kingdom, located southeast of the Dead Sea, in what is now Jordan. King David, who ruled the powerful united kingdom of Israel and Judah, is said to have battled the Edomites many times, and finally conquered the aggressors, establishing garrisons throughout Edom.

Without evidence for the existence of Edom, it has been very difficult for historians and archaeologists to prove that David and Solomon ever lived. Many have suggested that the legendary kings were the imaginative creations of much later writers.

Researchers who believe in the existence of Solomon, such as Dr. Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University, have suggested that the dating of important sites in the Holy Land are wrong, due to what they believe to be inconsistencies and huge distortions in the biblical record of Solomon. This has led them to propose adjusting the chronology; something that traditionalists have resisted.

However, recent discoveries at an ancient copper mine and processing plant at Khirbat en-Nahas, in Jordan, may confirm the accuracy of the Biblical chronology.

A Canadian team led by Russell Adams of McMaster University, has conducted carbon dating on pottery fragments found at the site. The pieces indicated that the settlement was established in the 11th Century B.C. and perhaps even earlier. An ancient fortress nearby, is from the 10th century B.C., which is the era of David and Solomon.

The researchers are convinced that this is a part of Edom. If so, it supports the Biblical chronology, and confirms the traditional dating of sites throughout the Holy Land, as well as supporting the existence of David and Solomon. A very big event in Biblical archaeology.

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