January 25, 2005

Weeping Madonna Baffles Scientists

In 1995, a 43 cm tall statue of the Virgin Mary began shedding tears of blood. The Madonna figure, which is located 65 km north of Rome, in the small city of Civitavecchia, is reported to have wept 14 times.

The case attracted the attention of the diocese in the city, which set up an investigation of the phenomenon with a group of researchers, comprising of historians, theologians and expert doctors.

The Italian newspaper, Corriere della Sera, reported the conclusions of the research on Sunday. According to the article, the researchers were unable to attribute any kind of explanation, whether physical or human, and remain baffled.

"Everything - they (the researchers) say unanimously - indicates that in that corner of the Earth at the gates of Rome, an event took place that has no human explanation and points at the mystery of the supernatural," Corriere reported.

After X-ray and CAT scanning, it was discovered that no cavities exist within the statue for blood to be contained and forced out. Interestingly, the liquid was discovered to be male human blood.

Whilst the newspaper's article is intriguing, specific details about the research team are omitted, giving rise to suspicions regarding the neutrality of those studying the statue. No doubt, inexplicable events do occur from time to time, but such phenomena require unbiased analysis, if judgments are not to be tainted by faith.

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