December 03, 2004


As I said in my review of the excellent Shaun Of The Dead, I love zombies. Sure, there have been some atrocious movies in the sub-genre, but such classics as Night Of The Living Dead (1968), Dawn Of The Dead (1979), Day Of The Dead (1985), Zombie Flesh-Eaters (1979), and even the remake of Dawn this year, just keep me enthused about the walking dead.

I am the first to admit, that it is a very odd genre to like, but there is an enormous following for it. Right now, zombies have become profitable. There is something so enticing about the apocalyptic vision of a world taken over by hungry ghouls. I can't explain it, but I could watch hours of this stuff.

When I was ten years old, I first watched a video of Dawn Of The Dead in 1980, at my cousin's home in London. I remember being entranced by particular visceral moments in the film. Soon after, in 1983, the Video Nasties Act was passed in Britain, which led to the banning of many classic horror movies of the time, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Evil Dead, and even The Exorcist.

Throughout the dry years, I often thought of the indelible scenes I had seen in those movies as a young child. Luckily, I had a very good friend who later supplied me with grainy, imperfect pirate copies of all those lost classics. All of which I now have on gorgeous DVD.

I had to talk about zombies, because today, I received a positive e-mail about some artwork I posted on a website (the artwork is above). Sorry if it is a bit gory.

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