December 30, 2004

Tsunami Relief

It is disappointing to see how slowly it is taking to get relief to the people suffering as a result of this disaster. That said, the scale of this calamity is like nothing we have seen before, so assembling adequate relief is unfortunately going to take more time. I heard a United Nations representative say that it could be another 72 hours before help arrives at the hardest hit areas of Indonesia. Let's hope that everything humanly possible is being done.

Today, I bought several huge bags of rice, as well as a very large quantity of purified water. My supplies are being kept at a depot, which is collecting rations and clothing for the hardest hit areas. If everything works out, I should be visiting the areas tomorrow to handout supplies. The local guys here have been fantastic. They even separated out my rice into individual small bags.

Paul, the administrator of the William Shatner site, kindly left a link for donations in his comment on my Kanyakumari Tsunami post. Also, CNN has a list of relief organisations for people to donate to: CNN - Aid Sites 


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