December 01, 2004

How dare...

How dare there be poverty.

How dare there be bigotry towards any particular race, sex or gender, where hate is preferred over love.

How dare one culture impinge its own values upon another through force.

How dare adults abuse children.

How dare leaders start wars based on flimsy evidence.

How dare some religions teach intolerance.

How dare medicines for HIV are not more available in the Developing World.

How dare rich countries allow poorer countries to starve.

How dare politicians lie.

How dare a company dominate so selfishly the development of new technology.

How dare missionaries promote their own unproven beliefs upon others.

How dare the world allow the extinction of species.

How dare one country be allowed to swallow so much of the world's resources.

How dare there be violence.

How dare creativity and talent be stunted because of financial burden and lack of opportunity.

How dare information be censored or manipulated for political aims.

How dare there be any abuse of human rights.

How dare anyone plant landmines, fire depleted Uranium rounds, or drop cluster weapons.

How dare there be deforestation.

How dare people kill the innocent because of political ideology.

How dare universities are not made available to all.

How dare there be cruelty to any living creature.

How dare there be economic systems that exploit others.

How dare anyone rig an election.

How dare genocide happen anywhere.

How dare global warming be allowed to worsen.

How dare people damage or rob from historical monuments.

How dare some news channels be allowed to disseminate anything but the truth.

How dare there be destruction of the oceans.

How dare some countries possess nuclear weapons.

How dare there be any abuse of women.

How dare fear be used as a political tool.


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