November 02, 2004

And They're Off...

I have waited four long hard years for this day to come. Finally, there is an opportunity to change the disastrous path that Bush has taken the whole world. As I am not an American, I can only stand at the side, and hope that wisdom will prevail.

When Bush was selected to be the Republican candidate in the 2000 election, the disdain I felt toward him, was already long established. During is reign as the governor of Texas, I had followed his career with great interest, due to his consistently horrific display of "Christian forgiveness" in permitting the execution of 152 people on Death Row, as well as his steadfast stubbornness in not allowing a review of the clemency procedures.

I suppose my skepticism of Bush's so-called Christian nature, was finally established with the death of Karla Fay Tucker, who was the first woman to be executed in Texas, since the 1860's. Tucker, who had been a methamphetamine addict, had been convicted of brutally killing a couple in the early 80's with her boyfriend. During her period on Death Row, she became a Born-Again Christian, and according to the prison guards, a model prisoner with enormous remorse for the crime she committed in her youth.

I will not pretend to favour Tucker, because the nature of her crime was indefensibly heinous. However, I do stand by my position against state execution. The zeal in which Bush dealt it out, was a clear indicator of the kind of president he would become.

During the run-up in 2000, I predicted that if Gore had won, it would have been a rather steady, perhaps boring, four years. With Bush, I correctly assessed a turbulent tenure, that would lead to war. These conclusions were made, based upon the unforgiving, stubborn, arrogant, sanctimonious posturing that he had displayed in Texas.

Of course, September 11th. created a real need for an immediate military response. But, the strategy for dealing with the al-Qaeda threat was bungled with his, as yet to be publicly explained, zest for invading Iraq: All the reasons given so far, have all been debunked.

After that terrible day in 2001, the support for the US worldwide was extraordinary and tangible. In response, a coalition was easily created for the offensive in Afghanistan. However, this goodwill was quickly squandered by the Bush administration's arrogance in the presentation for an Iraq invasion.

Instead of heeding the advice of world opinion, Bush decided to "go-it-alone", which has created instability, an erosion of international law and institutions, as well as a quagmire of death and suffering for the Iraqis and the forces based there.

If there is one thing that Bush has been consistent in, that is the snubbing of international agreements, such as the Kyoto Protocol, the International Court and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

It is time for the spun nightmares to be replaced by hope.

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