October 20, 2004

Another Typhoon Slams Into Japan

While hurricanes have been creating headlines over in the Atlantic, for their ferocity and frequency this year, typhoons have also been breaking records in the Pacific.

Apart from the surprising number that have formed over the summer, the intensity of the typhoons has been spectacular. The strongest typhoon to strike Japan in a decade, hit Tokyo square on last week. I am glad to report that apart from some minor damage to the roof, my apartment withstood the attack.

Unfortunately, another is now striking Honshu as I write. At approximately midnight, the full force of the typhoon will reach my location. So, once again, I shall draw the metal window shields across, and buckle down for the ride.

As much as I adore extreme weather, it is difficult not to become concerned by the recent freakishness of the weather around the world. Something is happening to our atmosphere, and I am convinced that that 'something' is the outcome of human meddling.


The typhoon turned into a tropical storm, by the time it reached Tokyo. Apart from heavy squalls, there was no wind, thankfully. However, the storm killed 48 people as it crossed the Japanese archipelago.

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