September 28, 2004

The Wild Wall Of China

The Wild Wall Of China
Photography By El-Branden Brazil

When I first visited China, I took a day trip to a section of the Great Wall, in Badaling. It came as a disappointment to discover the Wall swarming with visitors. The ambience it may have once had, was now being smothered by hordes of camera-clicking tourists. Two years later, I vowed that I would trek upon the "Wild Wall".

My Australian friend, Jamie, accompanied me. We took local buses out of Beijing and headed towards sections of the vast wall, which were crumbling, overgrown and away from coach tours.

For many hours, under the hot summer's sun, we traipsed upon it alone, in awe and appreciation for this magnificent creation. The silence that greeted us, among those many turrets, allowed for the whisper of ghosts to consume our imaginations.

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