September 22, 2004

Kong Is King... You Have To Love Peter Jackson!

I have been a fan of Peter Jackson, ever since I saw his first movie, Bad Taste. The dedication and effort that has so evidently gone into his endeavours, is really something to marvel at. Under the cloak of all the latest fangle-dangle filmic technology, there still remains a nostalgic old fashioned filmmaker, who understands what makes the pulse of an audience tick: He is the audience with a camera, as Spielberg once used to be.

At present, after his triumph with the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Jackson is working on a remake of RKO's classic 1933 movie, King Kong. Unlike the dreadful 1976 remake, starring Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange, this latest effort will return the plot back to the glamourous 1930's setting.

It stars Jack Black, Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody in the chief roles, and as was the case with the Ring's trilogy, the casting seems inspired to say the least. In the role of the CGI title character, the proven genius of Gollum's Andy Serkis, has returned to New Zealand to breath life into the great ape.

Catch-up with the latest news at the excellent Kong Is King website: There, you will be graced with daily video updates from Peter Jackson on set. It is a rather lovely site, with a fun forum.

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