July 20, 2004

Pat Roach Has Died.

Pat Roach & El-Branden (14)

Pat Roach was a regular heavy in the Indiana Jones movies. In the first film, he played both a Sherpa and the bald-headed Nazi who has a nasty end in an airplane propeller. In the second film, he appeared as the giant Indian slave driver, who ends up crushed in a rock grinder. They weren't huge parts, but Pat became a part of the Indiana Jones formula. On top of these appearances, he was one of the leading characters in the British comedy, Auf Weidersen Pet.

I met Pat Roach when I was a teenager on the shoot for an American production, called Three Wishes For Jamie. The film starred the respected actor, Jack Warden, and Pat had a supporting role. At the time, I was a huge Indiana Jones fan, so it was a real delight to spend three days filming with him. On one occasion, he was relaxing between takes, and so I went over and joined him for a chat about Spielberg, Ford and the making of the movies. He was very pleasant, although I got the impression that he felt his star was slightly brighter than it actually was.

The photograph above, was taken on the set of Three Wishes. Did I really ever look so young?

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