July 29, 2004

Everything Is Falling Into Place...

Today, I received confirmation for my flights to Myanmar, from my wonderful travel agent in Bangkok. I have used her services at Diethelm Travel on many other occasions, and everytime she has managed to get exactly what I request. This particular occasion is somewhat of a miracle, as I had only decided to go to Myanmar a few days ago.

On top of this, getting a Myanmar visa is a problem, compared to Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, where you can get a stamp on arrival. However, my fabulous travel agent has helped to arrange things for me with the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok. Everything is looking great! It seems like I will be strolling the lovely, tree-lined streets of Yangon once again.

The only issue of real concern, is that Tokyo is about to be hit square on by a massive typhoon, today and tomorrow. My flight is late on Friday evening, so hopefully the storm would have passed by the time I need to leave home.

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